Drawings by John D. Petty


Paintings by John D. Petty


Pastels by John D. Petty

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My name is John D. Petty and I draw and paint the landscape of East Yorkshire—more particularly the landscape of Holderness. I work with the landscape as subject matter because I like to be outside and in the landscape. I do not try to produce an accurate representation of the landscape, rather my work is about being in the landscape. All of the drawings and paintings start with sketches made on location and made over many visits over periods of weeks or months at various times of the year.

The Holderness landscape on the north bank of the River Humber is a very flat, intensively farmed agricultural landscape formed for the most part from marsh land reclaimed from the river. The wide, flat, expansive fields present a particular challenge, especially where the only vertical accent may be the telephone and electricity poles or the occasional copse of trees. In my drawings and paintings I attempt to convey something of my experience of being in that landscape; a landscape to which I have a very strong attachment.

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