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Drawings gallery

Graphite drawings

The drawing process involves repeatedly making and then disrupting the drawing with the eraser or with sharp tools, used to gouge the paper surface. These scratched and gouged marks are sometimes structural and serve to develop and extend the mark-making, and are sometimes random and are merely part of the disruption. Where the surface has become very heavily abraded I may patch new paper over it.

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Mixed-media landscapes

A series of large and small drawings made on paper with a range of drawing media.

Holderness churches

A series of large drawings featuring six of the village churches of South Holderness.

These drawings are approximately 1.5 metres square and were produced using the same process of drawing and disruption; the disruption here was done with gesso, diluted and applied with a roller.

The drawings were exhibited at The Great North Art Show, Ripon, in 2016 and at The Ropewalk, Barton-on-Humber, 2017.

Bunkers and pillboxes

During 1940–41 one of the biggest civil defence programmes ever undertaken created a network of large and small defences that included such basic measures as barbed-wire entanglements on beaches as well as other more permanent measures—so permanent that they are still in existence almost eighty yeas later. Many are now listed historical structures. These drawings feature some of the pillboxes and bunkers in the East Yorkshire area.