JOHN D. PETTY| drawings and paintings


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The subject-matter of my paintings is the agricultural landscape of East Yorkshire, particularly that of the Holderness area along the north bank of the River Humber.

Made on heavyweight handmade paper, the paintings are built up from many layers of paint working with both brushes and palette knives. I prefer to retain the uneven edges of the handmade paper as I feel that this contributes, in a small way, to the qualities I experience in the field.

These paintings have been made by a process that I have come to see as, in some ways, echoing the changes in the land itself. Their starting point is always a pastel sketch made in a specific location and usually this location will be one I have sketched a number of times and have visited on many, many more occasions. The subsequent studio paintings developed from these sketches are made by applying many layers of colour and sometimes selectively scratching through one layer to reveal the layer beneath. I am not aiming to produce an accurate representation of that location, my aim is to recreate something of the experience of being in that landscape at that particular time of year.

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Pastel works

Pastel works are usually described as paintings; it is the drawing and mark-making that excites me, so I tend to prefer the term drawings. Most of these drawings are done on gessoed mountboard.